Laws Information

Title: Act of Execution of Drug Abuser Treatment
Am Date: 2007-03-21
Legislative History: Amended on March 21, 2007



Article 7
All individuals subject to drug abuse treatment admitted for incarceration shall undergo a health examination. Illicit drug abusers diagnosed to be afflicted with the following conditions shall be refused admission:
1. Notifiable communicable diseases and drug abuse treatment may likely cause cluster infection;
2. Poor activities of daily living as a result of senility or physical or mental disability;
3. Chronic disease that may likely be aggravated or fatal during incarceration;
4. Pregnant for more than five months or longer on the way or recent child delivery less than two months ;
Individuals who are refused admission under the foregoing reasons shall be turned over to the custody of a guardian, legal representative, next of kin, hospital, or other suitable facility under the discretion of the prosecutor or the juvenile court (juvenile division of a district court).
Where the factor causing admission refusal stated in paragraph 1 is no longer existent, the individual subject to drug abuse treatment shall be notified to report to the drug abuser treatment center for drug abuse treatment.