Laws Information

Title: The Township and County-Administered City Mediation Act
Am Date: 2009-12-30
Legislative History: Amended on December 30, 2009 and effective on November 23, 2009



Article 4
A person with one of the following situations shall not be qualified as the member of the committee:
1. Where he/she has committed the offenses of corruption and thus been sentenced by the final judgment.
2. Where he/she has committed the offenses of the Organized Crime Prevention Act and been prosecuted by the prosecutor.
3. Where he/she has committed any crime other than prescribed in the preceding two subparagraphs and thus been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by a final judgment. But, this shall not apply to the person, who has committed the crime negligently, is under the probation, or whose punishment has been commuted to a fine.
4. Where he/she has been sentenced to the rehabilitative measures or reformatory education by the final judgment.
5. Where he/she has been announced bankrupt and has not recovered the property rights.
6. Where he/she has become subject to the order of the commencement of guardianship or assistantship and has not been revoked yet.

Article 37
The Act shall come into force from the date of promulgation.
The amendments of the Act that have been promulgated on December 15, 2009 shall come into force on November 23, 2009.