Laws Information

Title: Control Act
Am Date: 1992-11-13
Legislative History: Articles 1, 2, 5, 6, 22, 32 amended and promulgated by presidential decree on November 13, 1992



Article 1
The Control Yuan shall exercise the powers of impeachment, censure, and audit and propose corrective measures in accordance with the Constitution and Additional Articles of the Constitution. With the exception of the power of audit, which is otherwise prescribed, all the powers shall be exercised in accordance with this Act.

Article 2
The Control Yuan shall exercise the powers of impeachment and censure through its members and propose corrective measures through its committees.

Article 5
In case the Control Yuan impeaches the President or the Vice President, it shall do it in accordance with Article 30 of the Constitution and paragraph five of Article 15 of the Additional Articles of the Constitution.

Article 6
In case members of the Control Yuan impeach any public functionary who is believed guilty of violation of law or dereliction of duty, the case shall be proposed to the Yuan by at least two members.

Article 22
If a superior or official in charge does not handle a censure case in accordance with the previous article, or if the action taken is considered inappropriate by two or more members of the Control Yuan, the censured public functionary may be impeached.
If the superior or the official in charge of the censured public functionary does not, after receiving the censure notice, punish him or her in accordance with the provision of the previous article or decides not to punish him or her, the superior official or the official in charge shall be held responsible for dereliction of duty, if the censured person is punished with impeachment.

Article 32
Articles 1, 2, 5, and 6 and paragraph one of Article 22 shall be effective as of February 1, 1993.