Laws Information

Title: Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division
Am Date: 2016-11-16
Legislative History: Amendment to Articles 8 and 18 promulgated per Presidential Order Hua-Zong-(1)-Yi-Zi No. 10500140111 on November 16, 2016



Article 8
Other than compliance to the regulations of the related laws, if there are stipulations in the condominium regulations or related decisions have been made by the unit owner assembly and have been registered with the competent authority of the special municipality or county/city, all changes to be made to the structure or color, installation of advertising signs, metal gratings or other similar conducts around or on the exterior of the condominium, the rooftop terrace, or air raid shelters that are not individually owned shall be subject to the condominium regulations or the decisions made by the unit owner assembly.
Inhabitants in the condominium with children under 12 years of age or above 65 years of age may install fall-prevention devices at openings in the outer walls or on balconies without impeding the emergency escape and protruding from the outer walls. When the causes for the installation of such devices cease to exist and the devices do not comply with the condominium regulations or decisions made by the unit owner assembly as specified in the preceding paragraph, the unit owner is required to improve or restore the parts in concern to their original condition. If any inhabitant should violate the regulation set forth in Paragraph 1, the manager or the management committee shall stop the act. If the inhabitant still refuses to comply with, the manager or the management committee shall file a request with the competent authority to handle according to Paragraph 1 of Article 49. The said inhabitant shall restore them to their original condition within one month. If the inhabitant fails to comply, the manager or the management committee may restore them to their original condition and the inhabitant shall be responsible for the expenses thereof incurred.

Article 18
Each condominium shall establish a common fund from the following sources:
1.he builder of the condominium is required to provide a certain percentage of the cost of the project or a certain amount to pay for the management and maintenance during the year after the usage license is obtained;
2.Each unit owner pays an amount as decided by the unit owner assembly;
3.The interest accrued on the fund;
4.Other incomes.
Concerning the common funds as specified in Subparagraph 1 of the preceding paragraph, the builder is required to present the proof of the funds having been received by the treasury of the special municipality or county/city government in concern when applying for the usage license for the condominium. The said treasury shall disburse the funds to the condominium management committee or the manager after the committee is created or the manager is elected and the shared areas, designated shared areas and their affiliated facilities and equipment are confirmed and handed over according to Article 57. The central competent authority shall determine the percentage or amount referred to in the same subparagraph.
The common fund shall be deposited in a designated account and placed under the management of the manager or management committee. If unit owner assembly makes a resolution to entrust the common fund, the manager or management committee shall entrust the common fund to a trustee. Utilization of the fund shall be conducted according to the decisions of the unit owner assembly.
The regulations regarding the provision of the common fund to be provided by the builder as set forth in Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall not apply to builders who had obtained the building license before the Act took effect.