Laws Information

Title: Regulations Governing the Clearinghouse’s Plan of Security Measures for Personal Information files
Am Date: 2015-06-26
Legislative History: Article 9 amended on June 26, 2015(effective from June 28,2015)



Article 9
The clearinghouse shall, in coping with personal information under its possession stolen, altered, damaged, destroyed, leaked, or other incidents, establish relevant procedures for the following actions:
1. Adopting proper contingency plans to reduce or control damages to the Parties caused by the incidents.
2. Investigating the incident clearly and notify the Parties in a timely manner, where the notice shall contain facts of the personal information breached, response measures taken and customer service hotline.
3. Avoiding recurrence of such a similar incident.
When the clearinghouse has an incident described in the preceding paragraph, the clearinghouse shall, regardless whether it is during business or non-business hours, notify personnel of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (referred to as the "Bank" hereunder) in charge of accepting reporting by phone, and in addition, report to the Bank in writing the facts of the incident, whether the breached personal information has been illegally utilized, how the interests of the principal have been damaged, and response measures taken.