Laws Information

Title: The Indigenous Peoples Basic Law
Am Date: 2018-06-20
Legislative History: Amended on June 20, 2018



Article 18
The government shall establish indigenous peoples’ development fund for developing indigenous peoples’ economy , assisting indigenous businesses, and planning, implementing, incentivizing, managing, leasing, selling, constructing, purchasing, and renovating dwellings. The sources of the fund shall include budget allocated by the central government in accordance with the budget procedure, revenues of leasing or selling dwellings and related matters, compensations made to indigenous peoples’ land, reparation, revenues, funds distributed in accordance with other relevant laws and regulations as well as other revenues.

Article 19
Indigenous persons may undertake the following non-profit seeking activities in indigenous peoples’ regions and the sea areas be promulgated by the central indigenous competent authority:
1. Hunting wild animals.
2. Collecting wild plants and fungus.
3. Collecting minerals, rocks and soils.
4. Utilizing water resources.
The central indigenous competent authority shall consult with the central relevant authority before promulgate the sea areas in the preceding paragraph.
The activities in Paragraph 1  can only be conducted for traditional culture, ritual or self-consumption.