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1. 108.02.21 (amended) The Enforcement Rules of the Spatial Planning Act
2. 108.01.21 (amended) The Ministry of the Interior’s Approval and Supervision Guideline on Review of Interior Administration of Nonprofit Entities Inception
3. 107.11.28 (enacted) Act Governing the Establishment of the Operations Fund for Subordinate Institutions of the Ministry of Education
4. 107.11.28 (amended) Degree Conferral Law
5. 107.11.21 (amended) Act for Protecting Worker of Occupational Accidents
6. 107.11.05 (amended) Regulations Governing Academic Advancement Incentives for Students with Great Performance in International Mathematics or Science Olympiads and International Science Fairs
7. 107.10.26 (amended) Regulations Governing the Management and Utilization of the Labor Insurance Fund
8. 107.09.17 (amended) Regulations Governing Appointment of University Research Personnel
9. 107.09.17 (amended) Employment Regulations for Professional Technicians Teaching at Universities
10. 107.08.13 (amended) Taipei Exchange Procedures for Applications by TPEx Listed Companies for the Delisting of Securities
11. 107.08.09 (amended) Taipei Exchange Procedures for the Review of Call (Put) Warrants
12. 107.08.07 (amended) Regulations for the Approval and Management of the Exporters of Catches or Fisheries Products of Distant Water Fisheries
13. 107.08.02 (enacted) 2018 Ministry of Culture Youth Village Cultural Development Project
14. 107.07.31 (amended) Standards for veterinary drug residue limits in foods
15. 107.07.24 (amended) Establishment Directions for the Committee Reviewing the Naturalization of High-Level Professionals
16. 107.07.23 (amended) Regulations Governing Securities Investment Trust Funds
17. 107.06.28 (amended) Template for Guidelines Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing of Securities Firms
18. 107.06.15 (amended) Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation Exchange Fee Schedule
19. 107.06.15 (amended) Operating Rules of the Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation
20. 107.05.23 (amended) The Plant Variety and Plant Seed Act
21. 107.05.23 (amended) Forensic Pathologist Act
22. 107.05.23 (amended) The Communication Security and Surveillance Act
23. 107.05.07 (amended) VAC Regulations on Home-care Arrangement of Veterans
24. 107.05.01 (amended) Regulations Governing Assistance and Performance Evaluation and Encouragement of Indigenous People’s Cooperatives
25. 107.04.23 (amended) Taipei Exchange Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Companies with TPEx Listed Securities
26. 107.04.03 (amended) Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Management of Foreign Currency Denominated International Bonds
27. 107.02.14 (amended) Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation
28. 107.01.30 (amended) Regulations for Tuna Longline or Purse Seine Fishing Vessels Proceeding to the Pacific Ocean for Fishing Operation
29. 107.01.03 (amended) Regulations on the Management and Guidance of the Equipment for Vessel Position Reporting, Catch Reporting, Navigational Chart, and Monitoring Center
30. 106.12.21 (enacted) Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation Directions for the Handling by Participants of Book-Entry Operations for Securities and Money Borrowing and Lending
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