Laws Information

Title: Mortuary Service Administration Act
Am Date: 2017-06-14
Legislative History: On June 14, 2017, Article 21-1 was approved to be amended and issued by Presidential Huazongyizi No. 10600073161.



Article 21-1
The various low-income households, who are listed by the municipal or county (city) governments, do not need to pay usage and management relative fee when using the following public mortuary facilities that are operated by the municipal, county(city) or township(town, city) competent authorities, or entrusted to the private sector to operate or manage:
1. Crematory ,and
2. Bone ash (remains) storing facilities.
The municipal and county(city) competent governments shall undertake to specify the free-charging standards for usage of bone ash(remains) storing facilities mentioned in the preceding paragraph.