Laws Information

Title: Criteria for Recognition of Equivalency Qualifications for Junior College Entrance Examination Registration
Am Date: 2014-12-22
Legislative History: Amendment to Articles 2, promulgated on December 22, 2014.



Article 1
These Criteria are enacted pursuant to Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the Junior College Law.

Article 2
Person who holds one of the following qualifications may, on the basis of satisfying other equivalent criteria, register to take the entrance examination for admission to two-year junior college:
(1) Those who meet any one of the qualifications stated in the Article 2, 5 and 6 of the Qualification of University Entrance Based on Other Equivalent Criteria.
(2) Those who graduate from regular program of high schools and vocational high schools, or specialty-program high schools; and subsequently complete the required years of post graduation or working experiences, or required hours of professional courses, or required period of professional training. However, those who graduate from professional programs, disciplines, from regular high school and those who graduate from special program of comprehensive high school, will be excluded.