Laws Information

Title: Act of Execution of Rehabilitation Treatment
Am Date: 2018-06-13
Legislative History: Amended on Juan 13, 2018 Act of Execution of Rehabilitation Treatment, Article 8



Article 8
A drug abstention and rehabilitation center shall monitor and record the rehabilitation progress of delinquents and report the doctor’s determination of delinquents’ tendency of continued drug abuse to the competent prosecutors or juvenile courts at least fifteendays before the end of the required rehabilitation period.
Delinquents taking the rehabilitation measures no longer have the tendency of drug abuse shall be released through the orders or judgments from respective prosecutors or juvenilecourts. Where a delinquent has an ongoing tendency of drug abuse after finishing his/her rehabilitation period, the prosecutors shall file a motion for compulsory treatment to the court within seven days before the expiration of the period, such ruling shallbe delivered, pronounced or served by the courts or juvenile courts prior to the expiration of the monitoring and rehabilitation period.
Where a delinquent is court-ordered to receive compulsory treatment as stated in the preceding paragraph, the custody time starting from the pronouncement or delivery of court orders, until the arrival at the drug abuser treatment center shall be counted as compulsory treatment period. The same shallapply to the delinquents whose compulsory treatment are ordered by the juvenile court.
The delinquents shall be released by the drug abstention and rehabilitation center no later than five p.m. on the expiry date of the required rehabilitation period, unless a compulsory treatment order from the court or juvenile court is pronounced or served. The center shall notify the prosecutor,court or juvenile court immediately upon the release.