Laws Information

Title: Sports Lottery Issuance Act
Am Date: 2016-11-16
Legislative History: Article 1, Article 8, Article 21 were amended and promulgated, and Article 28 deleted by Presidential Decree Hua-tzung-1 No. 10500140161 on November 16, 2016.



Article 1
The Act is entitled for the purpose of prompting sports, raising funds for training, discovering and taking care of sport talents, fostering international sports exchanges, facilitating issuance of and management and utilizing profits from the sports lottery, and promoting social welfare.

Article 8
All of the profits from the issuance of the sports lottery shall be handled by the competent authority solely for the development of sports and may not be used as a government budget for sports. The scope of use of those profits shall be determined by the competent authority and publicized on the government gazette.
The aforementioned profits appropriated for the development of sports shall be handled in the form of a fund or ledger (credits/debits).
Said affairs may be handled through the establishment of a sports development fund in accordance with the annual budget procedure. Prior to the establishment of said fund, the profits from sports lottery shall be deposited in an account at a public bank and budgeted in the form of credits/debits. After the establishment of the fund, all balance from the account shall be transferred into the fund immediately.

Article 21
Any person who violates the fairness of games related to wagering targets through means of violence, coercion, swindling or other illegal activities shall be subjected to a prison sentence of one to seven years and a concurrent fine of no less than NTD$10 million and no more than NTD$30 million.
A syndicate of more than three persons responsible for the aforementioned behaviors shall be subjected to a prison sentence of three to ten years and concurrent fines of no less than NTD$20 million and no more than NTD$50 million.
Attempts to undertake the behaviors listed in Items 1 and 2 are also subject to penalties.
Legal persons, associations or their corresponding representatives, managers and accompanying personnel of sports teams shall cooperate with the prosecutors ’ office and police agencies in investigations of the behaviors listed in Items 1 and 2. Any attempts to hide information or resist shall be subjected to a fine of no less than NTD$2 million and no more than NTD$10 million pending verification.
Article 28