Laws Information

Title: Vital Area Regulations
Am Date: 2002-04-17
Legislative History: Amended on April 17 2002



Article 7-1
No animals are permitted in military airports. Animals and birds that have already entered a military airport and pose a danger to flight safety will be terminated.
Pigeon breeding and racing is not permitted within an established perimeter surrounding the military airport. Any flying object that may create a hazard to flight safety is also not allowed in the stated area.
The appropriate government agency in charge of military airports is to take precautions to prevent pigeon racing. In addition, other birds and animals will be prevented, by the appropriate government agency, from entering an established perimeter surrounding the airport.
The "established perimeter" as stated above is to be determined and posted by the Department of Defense and other responsible offices.

Article 7-2
Due to the safety concerns, aquatic plant collection, ship docking, hunting, fishing and fish farming is not permitted within any military port and its surrounding restricted areas or any weapons firing range.
Unless permitted by the Department of Defense, any commercial (fishing) vessels or other floating crafts and their personnel as well as any foreign military vessels are prohibited from entering military ports and their surrounding restricted waters.

Article 14-1
Violation of Item number two of Article 7-1 will result in a fine of no less than one hundred thousand NT dollars and no more than five hundred thousand NT dollars. The offender will also be responsible to improve the situation within a specified time frame. If the improvement is not achieved within the specified time frame, the fine will be repeated daily during the duration of the improvement. Any imposed fines are to be paid within a specified time frame. If fines are not paid within the specified time frame, the matter will be referred to law enforcement officials for enforcement.
The owners of any pigeon coops within the specified range surrounding the military airport that were in place prior to the enactment of the above regulations will be mandated by the appropriate government agency and police department to relocate all the pigeon coops to non-restricted areas. The stated agency will be responsible for compensating pigeon coop owners for expenses incurred during the relocation. For those who refuse to comply with the order, the removal of the pigeon coops will be enforced without compensation. Furthermore, the offender will be subject to the penalties stated above.
The compensation program for the stated regulation of pigeon coop removal will be determined by the Department of Defense.
Article 1
Tactical locations, military ports and airports which are of such importance that they must be retained or controlled for the purposes of national defense are called key points. Key points, together with their surrounding areas including any body of water, are defined as a vital area.