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Article 1
The Executive Yuan shall establish the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “MOFA”) to administer the nation’s diplomatic and related foreign affairs.

Article 2
MOFA shall be in charge of the following matters:
1. Analyzing international events and developments; planning, assessing, and coordinating diplomatic policies;
2. Comprehensively planning, coordinating, and supervising relevant foreign affairs matters related to such fields as politics, military, security, trade, economy, finance, culture, participation in international organizations, and public diplomacy;
3. Establishing, directing, and supervising diplomatic missions abroad; planning, coordinating, and implementing related affairs;
4. Studying, interpreting, planning and implementing legal affairs related to foreign relations;
5. Planning and implementing protocols for foreign organizations and their staff members stationed in the Republic of China (Taiwan);
6. Planning and supervising consular affairs with respect to passports, visas, and document authentication, as well as policies on handling emergencies involving ROC citizens traveling overseas;
7. Planning, coordinating, and implementing international communications policies;
8. Training diplomatic, consular, and international affairs personnel; supervising foreign policy research and international exchanges; and
9. Handling other affairs related to foreign relations.

Article 3
MOFA shall have one Minister (political appointment); two Deputy Ministers (political appointment) equivalent to senior grade 14; and one Vice Minister (career diplomat) at senior grade 14.

Article 4
MOFA shall have one Secretary-General at senior grade 12.

Article 5
MOFA shall establish the Bureau of Consular Affairs, which shall be in charge of issuing passports and visas, authenticating documents, and handling emergencies involving ROC citizens traveling overseas.

Article 6
If necessary, MOFA may dispatch overseas its staff members and those of its subordinated agencies in pursuance of the Organization Act for Diplomatic Missions.

Article 7
MOFA may entrust specific organizations to handle foreign affairs.

Article 8
If necessary, MOFA may recruit ambassadors-at-large without remuneration.

Article 9
Before this Act enters into force, the old relevant laws and regulations may remain applicable to the current staff members who have been registered and accredited in pursuance of the Temporary Assigned Worker Assignment Act but have not yet obtained qualification for public service, until they leave their posts.

Article 10
The ranks, grades and number of positions of MOFA staff shall be governed by a separate organization chart.

Article 11
The date that this Act enters into effect shall be gazetted by the Executive Yuan.