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Chapter  VI Supplementary Provisions
Article 31
For need of functions performance, BAS Agencies may recruit personnel from general administration, series of law codification, economic development and administration, and information processing, or from other related engineering series, provided that the personnel recruited from such series shall not take up more than 1/10 of the total personnel.
The Central BAS Authority may hire personnel with the position classifications in the foregoing paragraph without the proportion restrictions specified in that paragraph when necessary to implement BAS functions as a whole and when acting in compliance with the Central BAS Authority’s organizational establishment regulations.

Article 32
Unless otherwise provided for law, the pay rates of BAS Personnel shall be conducted by following the “standards for pay rate" made by the organization where the BAS Personnel service.

Article 33
Where the title of BAS Agencies as well as the titles of the Responsible BAS Personnel given under the organic act of each organization before the enforcement of these Statues fail to conform to the provisions of Article 6 and 7 hereof, the provisions of Article 6 and 7 hereof shall govern.

Article 34
The enforcement rules of these statues shall be made by the Central BAS Authority together with the Ministry of Civil Service.

Article 35
The date on which these Statutes come into force shall be set by an order of the Executive Yuan.